Dear Friends of La Cheim,


Each morning when I watch the eager faces of our children returning to class, I’m reminded of La Cheim’s mission to our communities. As I see the new hope shining in the eyes of the people we serve, I realize the importance of our very effective and welcoming programs. Since I came to La Cheim in 1982, I have been humbled by the wonderful people I work with who give so much of themselves to serve our La Cheim family. Their compassion and caring shows through clearly in the many success stories of all the children and adults we’ve served.


We remain deeply concerned with the emotional, educational and social needs of the less fortunate children, adults, and families living in our Bay Area. Their troubles are often made worse by the current economic turmoil. Since our founding in 1974 La Cheim has remained committed to providing services to all in our community who are in need. Every day, fearful, troubled, and anxious children and adults come to La Cheim seeking help in becoming self-sufficient and successful members of our society. La Cheim’s programs allow those seeking help to find a renewed sense of joy and self-worth in a safe and effective environment. 


I am deeply appreciative of the skills and compassion of the educators and clinicians I’ve been honored to work with. I feel truly fortunate to have spent years, decades, with the dedicated group of amazing employees at La Cheim. It is my sincere hope that we, as an agency serving Contra Costa and Alameda County, can continue to strengthen our relationships with business and community leaders, neighbors, philanthropists, elected officials, and especially the folks we serve. Together, we can provide high-quality, compassionate, and well-rounded services to support individuals, families, and our communities. Our programs are designed based on the value and dignity of each person we serve and expanded to meet the challenges created by the ever-growing demand. 


As La Cheim enters into its 5th decade of service, I’m reminded of the thousands of children and adults who have successfully completed our programs. Follow-up studies of our graduates over the years reveal that after receiving the intervention and caring attention of our many skilled and compassionate educators and clinicians, our graduates are much less likely to suffer unemployment, hospitalization, and incarceration, and are much more likely to continue in their education, secure employment, and become successful family members as well as contributing members of their communities. What better way to say, “To Life!”


As Executive Director, I thank our Board of Directors, and our extraordinary teachers, clinicians, administrators, support staff, and volunteers. I especially want to thank our funders and donors who facilitate the growth and empowerment of the many we serve. You are our lifeblood!




Michael Thomas, CEO


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