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La Cheim Welcomes Dynamic New CEO


La Cheim School Inc is proud to announce the arrival of our new Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Carizma Amila Chapman, PhD, DMFT. Dr. Chapman brings with her a wealth of experience as a mental health clinician, professor, program developer, evaluator, and organizational leader. Her passion for serving the most marginalized and vulnerable clients, as well as her commitment to culturally skillful and inclusive practice, made her an ideal choice to lead La Cheim through our next stage of growth. Read more.

La Cheim Works to Optimize Organizational Efficiency Through the Richmond Community Foundation's 
"Community Leadership Institute"


La Cheim was proud to be selected from a competitive field of applicants for this innovative leadership development program. This year's Leadership Institute got off to a wonderful start as Richmond Community Foundation launched their 2016-17 cohort with a four-day boot camp September 27-30. Fifteen organizations participated in workshops that covered topics including Strategic Planning, Board Development, and Marketing. We heard first-hand from experienced Executive Directors on their highs and lows and on their different leadership styles. We also heard from seasoned Board Directors about why they serve on Boards and what they expect from Executive Directors. There was plenty of learning, implementing and networking to go around. During the next few months cohort members will take a deeper dive into topics such as Branding, Work-Life Balance, and Social Media.

"When Stories Hurt": La Cheim Therapists Featured in East Bay Express Article on Vicarious Trauma


La Cheim therapist Demitra McDonald, along with several other staffers, was recently interviewed by the East Bay Express for a story on vicarious trauma in clinicians. The story emphasizes the critical role of community-building and mutual support among mental health providers -- a nurturing and reparative process that mirrors what goes on in meaningful therapeutic encounters. Said McDonald: "Humans survive in relation to each other. So this is also how we heal.”

La Cheim Co-Sponsors Suicide Bereavement Clinician Training with Jack Jordan, Ph.D.


On February 26 & 27, 2016, La Cheim Behavioral Health Services and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) co-sponsored a conference featuring leading expert on suicide loss Dr. John R. Jordan. On Friday night, Dr. Jordan addressed a mixed crowd of clinicians and laypeople, many of whom had experienced suicide loss themselves. On Saturday, he led a thorough and compelling training for clinicians, helping to educate and sensitize them to the particular challenges of working with clients who are grappling with bereavement by suicide. Attendees left the conference knowing much more about preventing suicide when we can, and weathering suicide bereavement when we can't.

La Cheim Therapist Leads Feminist Discussion


Rachel Goudey, Psy.D. led a structured discussion in this year's annual Association for Women in Psychology Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on March 5th. The AWP is a non-profit scientific and educational feminist organization providing education, training, outreach and activism from a feminist and social justice perspective to challenge traditional societal structures and institutional policies.  This year's conference theme is "Strong Girls and Wise Women: Sustaining Feminism for the Future." Rachel's discussion "Exploring the Divide in Feminism, Owning our Sexuality: Empowerment or Objectification? Can We be Feminist, Feminine, and Sexual?" guided others in examining the ways in which women feel empowered in regards to their bodies, sensuality and sexuality as well as the dissonance this creates as opposing views of how we feel about and use our bodies have seemed to create a divide in feminism. Movements such as neo-burlesque, Slutwalk, and the #YesAllWomen campaign were highlighted and discussed as examples of current trends where women are feeling empowered by owning and utilizing their bodies as messages of exploration about social issues and marginalization. Some see these expression as feeding into the patriarchal and misogynistic system, while others see it as a method of taking back power. Rachel's discussion highlighted the differences in viewpoints and suggested solutions to keep us from being divided, and focus on how can we move ourselves to be curious, open and work together to make positive change. Rachel is a holistic therapist in the Bay Area, activist, educator, performance artist, and writer.

La Cheim Therapist Addresses Black Student Union


On February 26th, La Cheim therapist Jewel Love MA, MFT Intern delivered the Black State of the Union Address at California State University at Long Beach. The Black Student Union at CSULB chose Jewel due to his experience in treating racial trauma.  As many Black college students participate in social justice organizing, they often experience intense psychological and mental pressure. Without the adequate mental health tools, they may experience on-going bouts of rage, anxiety, depression, or burnout. Jewel's goal is to create a safe place for the Black students at CSULB to process personal and collective racial trauma, while acquiring essential tools for improved mental health.

2015 National Conference on Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Trauma


October 23, 2015: A Safe Place and The Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community partnered to organize a national conference on domestic violence with a special focus on trauma and restorative justice. La Cheim was a featured mental health contributor to the 2015 National Conference on Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Trauma at The California Endowment in Oakland. Frances Raeside, La Cheim's Clinical Director of Behavioral Health Services, spoke on a panel about mental health and domestic violence.  Raeside highlighted the developing partnership with A Safe Place (ASP) and opportunites for cross training between La Cheim interns and therapists and ASP's domestic violence case managers and staff.


For more information, please visit A Safe Place.

A Special Lamborghini for a Special Cause

August 15, 2015: Today, La Cheim board member Susan Futterman auctioned off a classic car that held a special place for her late husband. Frederic Paroutaud owned his 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 for 30 years, until his suicide at age 58 on June 28, 2012. Susan pledged a major portion of the proceeds from the sale to La Cheim Behavioral Health Services to fund suicide prevention programs as well as a specialized program to help the bereaved who are left behind in the wake of a suicide.


Read more on the Robb Report and the San Jose Mercury News.

Alex Brings Volunteer Cheer

Alex is quick with a smile and a humorous story. He has been a generous friend and volunteer at La Cheim for nearly 20 years! Every week Alex shows up, rolls up his sleeves, and quietly helps with La Cheim's various needs, whethers it's maintenance, cooking, or shooting hoops with the kids.  Alex can often be found cooking meals for our students, shopping for groceries and cleaning supplies, or installing a missing door handle. His dedication and service are part of what makes La Cheim a great place to be.


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