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Survivor of Suicide Loss
Survivor of Suicide Bereavement





La Cheim Behavioral Health Services

What Is a Typical Day Like in La Cheim's PHP/IOP Programs?


La Cheim's approach is warm, relaxed, respectful, and collaborative. We see ourselves as guides or consultants to clients as they work to access their own innate healing strength, wisdom, and resilience. Clients often describe our treatment environment as especially welcoming, supportive, and non-pathologizing.

A day at La Cheim begins with a healthy continental breakfast and includes a balanced lunch. Breaks throughout the day give opportunities for clients to connect with each other and share support. Peaceful indoor and outdoor areas (including a tiled patio with a soothing fountain) offer safe spaces for personal reflection and shared support.

Individual therapy sessions are held weekly. Clients also meet regularly with our psychiatric staff, who work with their outpatient providers to manage medications and/or help find outpatient psychiatric services. Meet our staff.

Group therapy includes daily "check in" and "check out" groups to set and review daily treatment goals; "process" groups to create space for sharing personal experiences with others; and psychoeducation groups that cover topics like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Seeking Safety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, anger management, and creative expression. While we are not a chemical dependency program, we do offer groups to support clients in maintaining sobriety or achieving meaningful harm reduction.


Discharge planning begins upon intake and is supported by the client's individual providers as well as a dedicated "transition planning" group. We hope to help clients use their time at La Cheim to make a solid plan for self-care and life structure so that they are best poised to thrive upon graduation.

It's easy to get to La Cheim's clinic in Oakland using public transit.

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