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La Cheim's School Program

Caring Special Education Services that Help Create Success

La Cheim School is a nonpublic, nonsectarian program providing integrated intensive special education services for students who have experienced failures and rejection in their earlier school placements. 

La Cheim’s School provides a caring, compassionate, and successful educational experience for all our students.  Our small campus and small classroom sizes (with a maximum of 8 students), as well as our large number of skilled teachers and education support staff, ensures each student receives the individualized special education services they need to successfully complete their required educational course work.  

Many of our students have been failed within their communities.  These students have been impacted by educational experiences that were not designed to meet their specific needs.  Often our students have faced lives troubled with violence, physical abuse, substance abuse, mental health disorders, learning and behavioral disabilities. We strive to prepare each student to succeed is his or her community, school, and home.  Where appropriate we try to provide each student the skills required to return to their neighborhood public schools as quickly as possible.  For some students, their families and school district might decide it would be in the students best educational interest to continue in La Cheim’s School’s small, structured, individualized program.  For those students who remain to continue their education they can graduate from La Cheim with a High School Diploma, or a Certificate of Completion.

We are committed to creating a safe integrated academic and therapeutic environment that promotes healing, learning and positive change. We believe that through warmth, empathy, and guidance combined with structure and limits, that all children can heal, learn, and change.

La Cheim School services provide a full spectrum of interventions required for each child to ensure their educational potential in maximized:

  • Skilled and experienced Special Education teachers provide individually and specifically tailored educational plans for each student.  Each teacher draws upon their years of experience to develop an educational plan understood by each student.  These plans are carefully followed and reviewed for their effectiveness by the special education teacher, their classroom’s educational teams, their clinical staff, and each School’s Administration.

  • Highly trained Clinicians, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists ensure the needed therapeutic services are provided to each child and their families.  Individual, group, and family therapy helps students recognize earlier trauma.  Effective therapeutic counseling provides each student with the tools they require to successfully manage their future mental health challenges.

  • Dedicated Registered Nurses and Nurse Practioners ensure each students physical health is maintained.  Careful communication of a student’s medical/physical needs are kept with each student’s families and caregivers.  Outside prescribed medications are dispensed for those students requiring prescriptions during the school day.

  • Nutritious Breakfasts, Lunches, and snacks are provided to each student free of charge.  A well-fed student better ensures their active participation in classwork and clinical efforts.

  • Each student is provided daily rides by La Cheim’s experienced drivers, to and from school, in La Cheim’s fleet of vans.   

  • For those students qualifying La Cheim provides a Workability II job training experience.  Learning those skills required to successfully find and hold meaningful employment is key to a student’s success upon completion of their academic experience at La Cheim.

It takes all of us working together to make a difference in a child’s life. 

It’s imperative that a student’s parents, brothers and sisters, extended family, community care givers, foster homes, county workers, school district workers, CASA workers, and others involved in the child’s life, work together closely with La Cheim’s teachers, educational team, clinicians, and School administration.  By working together, we can best ensure we can bring about positive changes in a child’s life.  We strive to help all our students obtain a sense of real value and pride.  Through our combined efforts we can help each child become happy, successful contributing members of our communities.  

La Cheim School (El Sobrante campus)

4892 San Pablo Dam Road

El Sobrante, CA 94803

(510) 243-2360

(510) 243-2370 FAX

Serving children from Alameda County and Western Contra Costa County, this school is located in the hills of El Sobrante on a quiet 7-acre campus surrounded by beautiful trees and nature, yet within a 15-minute drive from downtown Oakland.

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