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Browning House Adolescent STRTP in Richmond Hills

Trauma-Informed Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program

Our STRTP is located in a spacious home in the beautiful Richmond Hills, adjacent to one of the Bay Area's largest regional parks. We offer a variety of outdoor experiences in which clients can connect therapeutically and recreationally to the natural world around them. 


We serve adolescent, male-identified clients from a trauma-informed and strength-based perspective. We help clients access their resilience, creativity, and motivation as they learn, grow, and recover in our supportive enivornment.

Our STRTP is Now Hiring!

Please review and apply for available positions on our careers page.

Questions about La Cheim's STRTP? Get in Touch Today!

Contact STRTP Administrator Sonam Prasad via email at or by phone at (510) 375-9730.

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